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Choir Sessions:    2020 Spring Term: January 7th to May 2nd.

Rehearsals: Tuesdays: 7:00 – 9:00 pm at Trinity Presbyterian Church , 1817 Richardson Sideroad, Kanata

Requirement: Ability to match pitch, blend and sing a designated voice part. Choral experience and basic sight reading skills are an asset.


Music Director - Scott Auchinleck
Accompanist - Bonnie MacDiarmid

Email: goulbournmalechorus@gmail.com


• The Goulbourn Male Chorus will provide singers the opportunity to socialize and have the experience and enjoyment of making music through the medium of traditional male chorus singing.

• The Music Director will spend some one-on-one time at the piano with anyone interested in joining. This informal interview will give the director the opportunity to become more familiar with the prospective member’s interest to join, his music background, and to participate in some vocal exercises to assist with determining vocal range and male chorus voice part. (ex. 1st tenor, 2nd tenor, baritone or bass) •

• The minimum requirement for singers is the ability to match pitch, recognize the importance of choral blend, and demonstrate the ability to sing a designated voice part. Choral experience and basic sight reading skills are an asset.

• Although this is a non-profit chorus with director and singers volunteering their time, a membership fee will be required to assist with operating costs.

• Choir Season: Session One runs from mid Sept. to December. Session Two begins in January and concludes end of May. Although the chorus takes a summer break, invitations to participate at selective community events are taken into consideration.

• The performance attire consists of: a long sleeved blue shirt, black dress pants, black socks and shoes and an Ontario tartan tie.

• Rehearsals and performances will require singers to stand at floor level and/or on risers for extended amounts of time. (20 – 45 minutes)

• At the discretion of the director, prospective members may be asked to serve a two month probationary period during which time the prospective member may also assess his desire to remain with the chorus. Final acceptance of new members will be at the discretion of the director based on ability, commitment and compatibility.

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